Aladn Motor Wreckers

Services & Parts

To keep you vehicle running optimal, vehicle manufacturers recommend services, inspections and part repairs at regular intervals.

A car is made up of thousands of Mechanical Parts. In time, some parts wear out therefore the performance of the car depreciates by increased fuel consumption or further damage to the car.

Repairs and Servicing
At Aladn Wreckers, we have 20 years experience in the industry and can correctly diagnose and repair the car effectively. We understand that in today’s day and age where petrol prices and general cost of living is high, we at Aladn Wreckers aim to repair your car as cost effective as possible.

Some of the services we offer:

  • . Air Conditioning Installation
  • . Brake and Clutch Repairs
  • . Exhaust work
  • . EFI Repairs and Tune Ups
  • . Servicing
  • . Reconditioning of parts
  • . Roadworthy Repairs
  • . Transmission and Engine Repairs
  • . Suspension Work
  • . Cooling System
  • . All Mechanical Repairs

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Fitting Service
We also provide special fitting service for all parts bought from us, at low prices.